School Tours

School Tours @ the ZooShare Biogas Plant

Join us at the ZooShare Biogas Plant for an incredible opportunity to learn about sustainable energy production and its impact on the environment. During the school tours, students will get an up-close look at our state-of-the-art biogas facility and engage in various hands-on activities to help them discover how we convert organic waste into clean energy.

Important Details

Pricing: $5 per student, with a $100 minimum No cost for supervisors 

Maximum of 45 students per tour 

Tours last approx. 1 hour 

Booking times: Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm, Sept-Nov and Mar-Jun

Sign-Up & Booking

Send an email to with the following information: 

  • expected number of students 
  • two preferred dates 
  • grade/age level of the class

Or use our new Booking Tool by clicking the link below

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Student Experience

  • Hands-on learning
  • Guided tour with age appropriate educational content
  • Engaging sensory experience through visual demonstrations, verbal explanations, tactile activities, and plenty of new smells
  • Opportunities to learn within a team setting and collaborate with peers.

Curriculum Connections

Grade 3: demonstrating an understanding of the composition of soils, of different types of soils, and of processes and practices that can affect the health of soil 

Grade 4: evaluating the impacts of various machines and their mechanisms on society and the environment 

Grade 5: assessing effects of energy and resource use on society and the environment, and suggesting options for conserving energy and resources 

Grade 6: demonstrate an understanding of the principles of electrical energy and its transformation into and from other forms of energy 

Grade 7: assessing the impact of human activities and technologies on the environment, and analyzing ways to mitigate negative impacts and contribute to environmental sustainability 

Grade 8: assessing the social and environmental impacts of various systems, and evaluating improvements to the systems or alternative ways of meeting the same needs

Grade 9: assess social, environmental, and economic impacts of electrical energy production and consumption, and describe ways to achieve sustainable practices

Grade 10: analyse some of the effects of climate change around the world, and assess the effectiveness of initiatives that attempt to address the issue of climate change

Grade 11 Physics: analyse the social, economic, and environmental impact of electrical energy production and technologies related to electromagnetism, and propose ways to improve the sustainability of electrical energy production

Directions to the Biogas Plant

Address:  ZooShare Biogas Plant, 1749A Meadowvale Road, Scarborough, ON  M1B 5W8

401 to Meadowvale Road
North on Meadowvale, past Sheppard Avenue
Once you are north of Sheppard Avenue on Meadowvale, take the first off ramp to the right towards the Toronto Zoo
At the top of the ramp turn right, then take your first right (almost immediately)
When you turn right off the paved road you will see a ZooShare sign on the right
Follow the gravel road – there will be a big parking lot on your left, and the ZooShare Biogas plant is straight ahead, there is a sign right by the gate to the biogas plant
There is plenty of parking just outside of the gate to the Biogas Plant.

Just a reminder, the Biogas Plant is a working renewable energy site and the tour will be outdoors so sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate clothing is recommended.

Required Waiver for all Tour Participants