Member Update: October 2013

<h3>ZooShare Launches its Community Bonds at the Zoo</h3>

On Thursday October 10, ZooShare hosted our official public launch at the Toronto Zoo! Together with our members, distinguished guests from the Zoo and Bullfrog Power, and our adorable fuel suppliers, we celebrated this major milestone and the availability of ZooShare’s Community Bonds. We are so proud and grateful to reach this exciting point in our development – Ontarians now have a chance to play a role in contributing towards the growth of our co-operative and the community-owned biogas sector. Paying 7 per cent annually over seven years, the Community Bonds will be used to finance the construction of a 500-kilowatt biogas plant, to be built in 2014, at the Toronto Zoo. To learn more about the event, click here.

<h3>Announcing our Education Sponsor: Bullfrog Power!</h3>

On the same day we also very proudly announced that ZooShare has partnered with Bullfrog Power to deliver biogas education programs to students and individuals around Ontario. As ZooShare’s Education Sponsor, Bullfrog will assist in the development and delivery of educational materials about how biogas (also know as green natural gas) is made, how it can be used, and its many benefits to the environment and local communities.

“ZooShare is the kind of innovative green energy solution with the power to inspire that our Bullfrog Builds program was created to support, through Bullfrog Builds, we’re helping the development of new renewable energy projects across Canada and showing people what’s possible in their communities.” Ron Seftel, Senior Vice President, Operations, Bullfrog Power. Click here to learn more.

<h3>ZooShare Referral Rewards Program:</h3>

Not satisfied with just offering above average returns, removing cars from the road and supporting the conservation work of the Toronto Zoo, we decided it was time to step our game – with the ZooShare referral rewards program. It’s simple and easy to participate, and allows you the opportunity to double down on the positive impact you’re having on the environment. Here’s how it works:
Tell your friends and family that you love poo so much that you decided to invest in it with ZooShare
Let them know where to find more info ( and to write your name in the “how did you hear about ZooShare” section of the membership application.
We’ll keep track of the referrals, and Tree Canada will plant the trees. All you have to do is share your love of poo, and feel good about helping the environment.
For every $1,000 worth of bonds that you refer, ZooShare will plant:
1 tree if you refer up to $10,000
2 trees if you refer more than $10,000
3 trees if you refer more than $20,000
For those extra special members who refer more than $50,000, you and your family will receive a special day at the Zoo, in addition to all those trees planted. Please contact us to learn more.

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