Member Update: October 2011

We’ve met many new faces and have received a lot of great feedback from everyone over the past few weeks, so we thought we’d update you on what ZooShare is doing these days.

We’re impressed with the interest and support (keep it coming!) that the project has received. Also, thank-you to our Founder’s Club of investors and new members, your vote of confidence makes this project possible. It’s not too late to become a Founder’s Club investor or a member of the co-op, so send us an email– we’d be happy to tell you more.

Last but not least, ZooShare now has three interns/volunteers Jonathan Veale, Mark Ouseley and Nida Kazmi who will be dedicating some of their time to help us grow.

What if the Toronto Zoo was privatized?

As many of you may be aware, the City of Toronto recently announced plans to privatize the Toronto Zoo as part of its cost cutting efforts. This has led many of you to wonder, what will happen to ZooShare and its plans to build a biogas plant at the Zoo. We are confident that this will not affect our project or the future of the co-op due to the number of benefits we provide to our partners at the Toronto Zoo, namely safe and sustainable manure management and 10% of our annual earnings. Furthermore, it is also worthwhile emphasizing that the city has not yet made a definite decision on what the future operation model of the Toronto Zoo will be but is currently looking into what those models could be.

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