Member Update: May 2014

Happy Birthday to us!

On April 26th ZooShare turned 3! (And no, we did not make this cake.)

We’ve accomplished so much in the last three years, we want to thank you for being here to celebrate with us. This year we have continued to develop our long term strategy: We would like to thank Jing, who compiled a North American Expansion Report for us…First stop Toronto Zoo, next stop, the continent! If you would like copy of the report, let us know. We look forward to sharing our next phase of growth with you.

Bond Sales Update

April was one of our best months this year! We are nearing $700,000 in sales. Our return is excellent. 7% interest each year for 7 years. Tell your friends, and we’ll plant a tree in your name. Got a question? Email nicholas and he’ll get back to you ASAP.

Welcome Blair:

This month we are happy to welcome Blair, our new Outreach Coordinator. Blair will be joining us for the summer and is in charge of organizing and attending our public appearances. Know a group or event that would love to hear about ZooShare? Email Blair. Just why is Blair standing in front of a rhino? You’ll just have to wait to find out!
Blair and Rhino

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