Member Update: December 2013

After launching our Community Bonds and our new website in October, we’ve been out at events promoting ZooShare and interacting with potential member/investors. It’s been incredible meeting with people and seeing their enthusiasm for biogas and what we’re doing at the Zoo.

Bond sales update

Since September 16th, when the Community Bonds first became available to members, we are very excited to share the news that we now have 164 members and have raised $494,500.

Give the gift of poo!

Lumps of coal for the naughty kids and lumps of poo for the nice ones? Tis’ the season, and we’re excited to offer gifts that come with a return on investment!

Included in the gift package:
$500 ZooShare Community Bond (paying 7% each year)
1 year membership to the Toronto Zoo
A FREE lifetime ZooShare membership
Cute and cuddly giraffe plush
Personalized adoption certificate (from WWF Canada)
A $40 tax receipt (for the gift giver)
Priced at $635/710/735 (individual/couple/family memberships, respectively), at maturity the bondholder will have received a total of $745 in interest and principal.

Contact us before December 13/2013 (1-888-990-9095) to pick one up for the avid poo lover on your list.

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