Blog: Member Spotlight: “Who is ZooShare?”

ZooShare is comprised of 3 staff, 7 Board members, and most importantly, over 450 Ontarians from across the province who are a part of our co-operative. Our membership stretches beyond Temagami to the North, Sarnia to the West, and Ottawa to the East. Our membership is concentrated in the city of Toronto.




Most of ZooShare’s members were born in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, but there is also a large number of members born in the 1980s. Baby boomers comprise the largest demographic, followed closely by the next generation, Gen X, then the “Millennials”, Gen Y.

If you’re wondering why people born in the ’90s or 2000s (Generation Z) are investing, it’s because they were gifted a bond by their parents or grandparents.Our youngest member is 9 months old. (Technically most of these “members” are only bond-holders, members must be 18+ to vote at our AGMs).

Finally, we have a small but passionate group of the Silent Generation (Why so quiet?). Happy Birthday to our oldest member, who is turning 83 this month!


In terms of the gender split, the numbers are very close! The ladies “take the lead” by 1%. We will be following up this blog post with a member-only survey to help us learn more about you, our members. Stay Tuned!


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