The ZooShare biogas plant will be located on Meadowvale Road, across the street from the Toronto Zoo, at their current compost facility. Click here to see the location of the ZooShare biogas plant in Google Earth.

No, ZooShare is a non-profit co-operative separate from the Toronto Zoo. The Zoo holds a permanent position on our Board.

The ZooShare biogas plant has a capacity of 500kW and will generate 4.1 million kilowatt-hours for the Ontario grid each year, that’s enough to power about 250 homes!

No, ZooShare will not divert any food from food banks or any charitable programmes. We will only use inedible food waste to generate renewable power.

We expect to start construction in the Spring of 2018, reaching Commercial Operation Date in the Fall of 2018.

You will receive your first interest payment within 12 months of Commercial Operation Date (COD): ZooShare needs this time to build up sufficient cash flow to pay out interest. The interest payments are paid annually, and the first payment will include any accrued interest starting from the date your bond was issued.

Yes, you are taxed on the interest that your bonds earn each year. You will receive a T5 each January/February for tax purposes. CRA Tax rules state that you have to pay interest that is accrued to you, even before payment: ZooShare bonds start earning interest immediately, so you will need to pay tax on the earnings before we begin making payments (within 12 months of our Commercial Operation Date).

ZooShare bonds are not eligible for an RRSP account at the current time. They will most likely be RRSP eligible, but we cannot know for sure until after we have raised all of our funding and construction is complete: At that time, ZooShare bonds will meet all the legal criteria necessary to be RRSP-eligible. An independent valuation by a financial services company will be used to underwrite a legal opinion that ZooShare bonds are RRSP eligible and this legal opinion will be available for anyone who would like to transfer their bonds into an RRSP account, however, there is no guarantee that your financial institution will allow you to hold them in your RRSP account.

ZooShare bonds are not eligible for a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA).

There isn’t a market where you can sell or trade your bond but it can be sold to another ZooShare member with ZooShare’s assistance and board approval.

No problem, please call us at 647-704-6078 or toll-free at 1-888-990-9095. We would be happy to answer any additional questions.