What is ZooShare’s history?

ZooShare Biogas Co-operative was founded in 2011 by Daniel Bida. In 2013, ZooShare received its Feed-In-Tariff Contract and launched its first public bond-offering of $2.2M. In 2015, due to popular demand, ZooShare issued a second and third round of bonds which raised over $1M.

In 2019, ZooShare joined forces with Oshawa PUC Energy Services (OPUCES), a municipally-owned sustainable energy corporation, to complete the final milestone of the Toronto Zoo Biogas Project. ZooShare also received a $2.67M grant from Environment and Climate Change Canada to potentially expand the plant and double its impact.

In December 2020, ZooShare completed construction of the biogas plant and issued a new round of bonds (Series 4 and 5) to redeem and refinance maturing bonds.

In April 2021, ZooShare began to generate and export power to the Ontario grid providing enough renewable energy to power over 250 Ontario homes each year.

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