What are ZooShare bonds?

ZooShare bonds are Community Bonds, a local investment opportunity that allows you to support a project that benefits the environment and earns a stable annual return of 5% or 5.5%.

Each year, ZooShare’s biogas plant will divert 15K tonnes of inedible local food “waste” from landfills, reduce C02-equivalent emissions by up to 20K tonnes and generate 500kW of renewable power for the Ontario grid. Upon potential expansion of the plant, ZooShare will also produce Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

Join over 700 ZooShare members who have invested over $7 million to build Canada’s 1st zoo-based biogas plant! We are currently waiting for our new Offering Statment (like a prospectus) to be approved before we can sell the remaining 20% of our bonds. Please click here to sign up for the waiting list.

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