My bond doesn’t mature yet…Why am I given the option to rollover my accrued interest?

For ZooShare investors whose bonds have earned at least $500 (the minimum amount required to buy a new ZooShare bond) we are offering you the opportunity to rollover that interest into a NEW ZooShare bond.

If you choose to rollover your interest, your principal will continue to stay invested in the original bond and will earn the original amount of interest until it matures. The accrued interest amount would be used to purchase a new bond that would earn 5% or 5.5% (depending on which term you choose).

For example, if you bought a $5,000, 7% bond that matures in late 2021, it would have earned about $2,000 in accrued interest by the end of this year.  You could rollover that $2,000 into a NEW bond that would earn 5% interest each year for 5 years, and your original $5,000 investment would continue to earn 7% until it matures.  You would therefore have 2 bonds going forward.

Of course, you don’t have to rollover your interest.  You can request to be paid out:  

Please let us know your preference here by December 18th.

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