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Construction is Complete!

A Slideshow showing the ZooShare Biogas Plant Being Built Over a 1 year period

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, everywhere. With a province-wide lockdown announced this week, we are grateful to have a more uplifting announcement of our own to share:

This month, we completed construction of the biogas plant! The site is currently undergoing final inspections, after which we expect to generate power and export it to the grid in late February.  We are tentatively planning a ribbon cutting ceremony for the summer, and will keep you posted as the new year progresses.
Current ZooShare investors have continued to demonstrate strong support and loyalty to our project: we have sold over $1.5 million of new bonds. If you would like to get on the waiting list for new bonds (that earn 5% or 5.5% depending on the term), please sign up here.

With potentially fewer guests around the table for the holidays this year, we encourage you to plan your meals and leftovers: click here for some tips from Love Food Hate Waste. One small silver lining of continued stay-at-home measures is that Canadians are planning more and wasting less food.

NEW Bonds are here!


The NEW ZooShare bonds are here with holiday cheer!

When we sold out of bonds in March, demand kept growing, so ZooShare developed a plan to offer new bonds that will earn 5% each year for 5 years.

These bonds have no construction risk: They will be held in an escrow account until after the biogas plant is built and will be used to repay the construction loan provided by our technology supplier.

Originally we had intended to borrow these funds from a commercial lender, however, due to overwhelming demand for ZooShare bonds and our preference to borrow from our supporters, we have decided to issue another $2.2M worth of bonds.

Click here to learn more and invest.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to chat. We can be reached at 647-704-6078 Monday to Friday 10am-6pm.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

Daniel, Frances & the whole ZooShare Team

Blog: 5 Tips for a “Green” holiday

Even if you’re rooting for a “winter wonderland” this seaon, we should all keep our holidays as “green” as possible. Here are 5 tips to keep you on your toes, so we can all reduce our carbon footprint:Charlie Brown staring out the window at a bunch of snow.


Getting cold looking at that snow coming down? Why not cook dinner and have company over? The body warmth and heat from the oven will help compensate for cooler temperatures. The warmest solution: Invite people over for an ugly sweater dinner party.
Ugly Sweater GIF


Frolic Artisans Marketplace December 4th to 7th poster
When you shop locally, you will find unique items that haven’t traveled thousands of miles. This will reduce your carbon footprint and support local businesses. You will also “spare the air” by not driving long distances. One example: Toronto’s Ecofinery, which was recently profiled in our November newsletter, produces gorgeous up-cycled jewellery. You can discover more artisans by visiting ZooShare at 401 Richmond for the Frolic Artisans Marketplace (December 4th to 7th), or by checking out the new Spacing Store, which features classy Toronto-themed gifts. (Enter our December draw to win a $75 Spacing Gift Card by December 17th).


Every year thousands of batteries are bought during the holidays. Old batteries are an environmental hazard and fill up landfills. A great store in Toronto that carries eco-friendly, non-battery toys is Baby on the Hip.Baby on the Hop Eco friendly toy selection


Use pine cones, evergreen branch tips, holly berries and other colourful natural pieces to put the finishing touches on your home and gifts rather than buying commercial bows and ribbons. Try doing a eco-friendly decor search on Pinterest for inspiration.
Pinterest Search Screenshot


Instead of buying products, you could buy an experience, such as a Parks Canada Discovery Pass, to help reconnect the ones you love with the nature we all love. Of course, we would also recommend gifting a ZooShare bond, which is a great tool for teaching financial literacy and an opportunity to teach others about the true value of waste!
Photo of ZooShare bond

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