Member Update – March 2017

The beginning of 2017 has been about focusing on a few key activities to keep our project moving forward. We continue to make progress, and thank our members for their ongoing patience as we continue to work through the challenges … Continue reading

Member Update – December 2016

The past couple of months for us have been all about contracts – editing language, making amendments, coordinating between the parties involved, and getting feedback from our Board.   While we’ve been working on those documents, the Miller Waste team … Continue reading

Member Update – October 2016

The highlights from the last two months include: Bond Sales closed above expectations with a total of $1,154,700 raised. Executed a Term Sheet with Miller Waste Systems Inc. to design/build/finance/operate and feed the biogas plant. Continued progress in securing Long … Continue reading

Member Update – August 2016

The highlights from the last months include: Initiated discussions and engaged in focused negotiations with one company who will be providing the biogas plant to ZooShare on a Design/Build/Finance/Operate basis, and also be responsible for feedstock over the long term … Continue reading

Printing, paper and power, oh my!

Summer is here!  Soon you will see us at an event, handing out information about ZooShare. Did you know the materials we use are sustainably printed and that the recycled paper is made using power from a biogas plant? ZooShare is a client of Warren’s Waterless, the most … Continue reading

The ZooShare Groundbreaking

On April 19th 2016 at 9:30am we gathered with our members, The Toronto Zoo, Bullfrog Power, and TREC Education to celebrate the groundbreaking of the ZooShare biogas plant. Speakers included the Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli, the Chair of the … Continue reading

Member Update – May 2016

The highlights from last month include: ZooShare Groundbreaking ceremony Executed Connection Cost Agreement with Toronto Hydro Continued progress in our pursuit of additional feedstock, with positive movement on 2 different fronts, and can see a path to executing the appropriate agreements. … Continue reading

Toronto 2066: The Future of Waste

Right now, we are facing a decision that will affect Toronto for the next 50 years.  How will we deal with the city’s waste? Over the next 6 months, members of the public and city councillors alike will discuss and debate the fate of Toronto’s waste … Continue reading

Member update: March 2016

The highlights from last month include: Completion of 30% design and drawings Submission of building permit applications to the City of Toronto and TRCA project design, preparation and submission of building permit applications; We also made good progress in our pursuit … Continue reading

“Investing” in your savings account?

RRSP Season is here, are you saving wisely? In this article by MoneySense, we learned that a “whopping 60% of the typical [Canadian] portfolio is being held in cash–far too much to meet most retirement needs when you factor in … Continue reading

Member update: February 2016

The highlights from last month include project design, preparation and submission of building permit applications; completion of the Sales and Marketing Plan; planning for groundbreaking (!); and more bond sales.  We also made good progress in our pursuit of additional feedstock suppliers, … Continue reading

Member update: January 2016

The highlights of the holiday season included the launch of the new ZooShare bonds and starting the planning process for our biggest year yet! 6% and 5% bonds were offered first to the Waiting List, and then to the general public. … Continue reading

NEW Bonds are here!

The NEW ZooShare bonds are here with holiday cheer! When we sold out of bonds in March, demand kept growing, so ZooShare developed a plan to offer new bonds that will earn 5% each year for 5 years. These bonds … Continue reading

Blog: Help to Crowdfund CaribShare

Hello ZooShare supporters, I would like to share a letter with you from one of our friends, Carol Lue of CaribShare Biogas.  Carol is a fellow-entrepreneur and biogas developer, located in Jamaica. Drawing inspiration from ZooShare’s business model, CaribShare will use biogas … Continue reading

Blog: The Evolution of Zoos

If you are an animal-lover, environmentalist and/or conservationist, then you have probably heard the full gamut of zoo criticism. Yes, animals belong in the wild…But what happens when “the wild” disappears? First, let’s step back a bit and start with a brief history … Continue reading

Member update: November 2015

This past month, we achieved another two major milestones: 1) We selected a technology partner and, 2) We received Notice to Proceed from the IESO.   We also continued discussions with FSCO regarding additional bonds, which should be available in … Continue reading

Blog: Election Countdown:

The longest federal election campaign in recent history is coming to an end. We are now less than 2 weeks away from ushering in a new government, and advance polls begin this week.  Unfortunately, the topic of the environment hasn’t received … Continue reading

Member update: October 2015

This past month, after receiving our REA, we began to move forward on 3 important items that were all waiting for this milestone to be reached: 1. A revised Offering Statement; 2. Applying for Notice to Proceed; and 3. Selecting … Continue reading

Blog: What is “Food Rescue”?

In July, we had the pleasure of meeting some of our fellow food-waste innovators by participating in the Wast(ED): Food Education Speaker Series, a panel discussion initiated by the City of Toronto that featured local organizations exploring innovative ways to reduce, reuse and … Continue reading

Member update: September 2015

This past month, we reached a critical milestone: The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change issued their Renewable Energy Approval to ZooShare!  In addition to this, we made good progress in resolving the challenges related to securing our feedstock; And … Continue reading

Blog: Teach your kids about Biogas!

Would you like your kids or grand-kids to learn about ZooShare in the classroom? Now’s your chance! We have co-created a workshop with TREC Education that teaches students about the science of biogas and the value of organic waste…It’s called “Digest … Continue reading

Member update: August 2015

This past month, we made excellent progress in getting the REA and establishing the business case for selling Poo from the Zoo brand fertilizer.  The challenges around securing feedstock remain, however, discussions internally and with our grocery store partners have … Continue reading

Blog: “Who Is ZooShare?” Part 2

A couple of months ago, we sent our members a gruelling 75 question survey. Amazingly…Gratefully, we received over 100 responses! Before this, we only knew the most basic information about our members–age, gender and location (which you can read about … Continue reading

Member update: July 2015

Our focus continues to be the same as last month – we are working daily on getting the Renewable Energy Approval and feedstock contract completed as they are essential to our success and we are eager to get started on building the … Continue reading

Member Update: June 2015

Our focus hasn’t shifted much since April – we are working daily on getting the Renewable Energy Approval and feedstock contract completed as they are essential to our success and we are eager to get started on building the plant. Co-op Development & … Continue reading

Blog: Member Spotlight: “Who is ZooShare?”

ZooShare is comprised of 3 staff, 7 Board members, and most importantly, over 450 Ontarians from across the province who are a part of our co-operative. Our membership stretches beyond Temagami to the North, Sarnia to the West, and Ottawa to the East. … Continue reading

Member Update: May 2015

Last month we continued to prepare for construction of our biogas plant – clarifying remaining questions and concerns related to permits; working through the logistics of organic waste supplies; solidifying our fertilizer plans; and articulating our specific requirements to be included … Continue reading

Blog: Furniture Bank: Turning Houses into Homes

Spring cleaning? Donate your things to Furniture Bank and stop “waste” from going to landfills while turning someone’s house into a home… Like ZooShare, part of Furniture Bank’s mission is to divert “waste” from landfills. Since 1998, Furniture Bank has … Continue reading

Member Update: April 2015

We SOLD OUT of bonds! We are still taking pledges from people who would like to be added to our Waiting List, should we decide to raise additional financing. Click here to join our waiting list (make sure to click “I’m already a … Continue reading

Member Update: WE SOLD OUT!

It’s time to celebrate! With your help, we have reached our goal of raising $2.2 million! The demand for bonds was so strong that we sold out before the anticipated date of March 31st. We already have a waiting list … Continue reading

Member Update: March 2015

Well–after a bitter cold snap it seems like winter is coming to an end…Just like our bond sales! We have now raised over 1.8 MILLION and we expect to close the offering by March 31st. Here’s our most recent news: … Continue reading

Blog: The smell of success – Ontario biogas tours show us how it’s done

Last week, the Biogas Association held its annual conference in Hamilton, Ontario, which included a full day of touring nearby biogas plants. The purpose of the tour was to continue the up-close and personal learning that has facilitated the growth … Continue reading

Blog: Member Spotlight: Betty-Anne Howard

ZooShare investor Betty-Anne Howard is a “financial planner with a social conscience”, meaning she cares about the environment, the world, and how people make their money. While in school, Betty-Anne learned a new way to see the world, and now … Continue reading

Blog: Community Bonds Factsheet

Looking to make the world a better place while growing your money? According to a recent report from the Responsible Investment Association, more than $4 billion has been allocated in Canada to “investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with … Continue reading

Member Update: February 2015

Bond sales are going well, so well in fact, that we expect to close the bond offering by March 31st! If you’re thinking of reinvesting, better to do it sooner rather than later: The offer is closed when we reach … Continue reading

Blog: Member Spotlight: Don Ross

Don grew up in North Western Ontario where the outdoors was his playground; As a pilot, he witnessed the sky being used as a garbage dump; Last year, he and his wife Heather only threw out 3 bags of garbage. … Continue reading

Member Update: January 2015

We’re proud to report that we have reached almost $1.5 million in bond sales. At the end of the year we held an intensive planning session and mapped out our internal strategy for the next 6 months (below). The holidays … Continue reading

Blog: Member Spotlight: Denice Wilkins

Denice and John at ZooShare’s “Thanks A Million!” party October 2014. ZooShare Investor Denice Wilkins is a lifelong environmentalist, protector of turtle eggs (ask her about Turtle ICUs) and even owns an organic blueberry farm in Tweed, Ontario. Denice and … Continue reading

Blog: 3 ways to watch your “waste-line” in 2015

What a way to start 2015! On January 1st, Metro Vancouver made it illegal to dump food waste in landfills. Vancouver is leading the country by example: “We encourage food scraps recycling because it’s the right thing to do, it … Continue reading

Blog: 5 Tips for a “Green” holiday

Even if you’re rooting for a “winter wonderland” this seaon, we should all keep our holidays as “green” as possible. Here are 5 tips to keep you on your toes, so we can all reduce our carbon footprint: 1. HAVE … Continue reading

Member Update: December 2014

We’re proud to report that in addition to reaching $1.3 million in bond sales, we have brought on 4 of our own co-op members to help us reach our goal of raising $2.2 million in bonds (the Team page of … Continue reading

Member Update: November 2014

“Thanks a Million!” On October 9th over 70 members gathered to celebrate our collective achievement of raising over $1,000,000 in less than a year. Entertainment included Interactive Improv by Ken Hall, Nicole Dunn, Jordan Kennedy and Jessica Perkins. If you … Continue reading

Blog: You know the TSX. What’s the SVX?

The Toronto Stock Exchange is Canada’s biggest stock market — if you’re an investor with Canadian mutual funds, stocks, or bonds, your money is probably there. But for accredited investors who want to make a social and/or environmental impact, there … Continue reading

Member Update: October 2014

Since we announced our $1,000,000 milestone, we raised an additional $200K! We are now over half-way to our funding goal! Please click here to retweet this achievement, or click here to share it on Facebook. Join us on October 9th … Continue reading

Member Update: September 2014

Almost $1,000,000 Please help us hit our summer target of $1M by spreading the word about our investment opportunity. Check out our Facebook/Twitter suggestions below. Our Investor Relations Coordinator, Nicholas, would be happy to chat with you, your family, or … Continue reading

Blog: From Ethics to Impact: The History of Making a Difference with Dollars

Although the practice of Impact Investing is relatively new (indeed, the term was only coined in 2007)1, the concept of using one’s money to make a difference has been around for a long, long time. But it didn’t start with … Continue reading

Blog: What’s Your Impact Investing Story?

At 20 years old, I became an impact investor, even though I didn’t know what “impact investing” was.1 I turned up at an investment firm with a crumped piece of paper in my hand; it was a single paragraph that … Continue reading

Blog: How “natural” is natural gas?

Since the late ‘90s, the word “natural” has been permeating the marketplace. Everything from fresh produce, to shampoo to artificially flavoured junk food has been branded as “natural”. This label of course, is linked to the idea of promoting and … Continue reading

Member Update: June 2014

Recap of ZooShare’s 2014 Annual General Meeting We hope you enjoyed the first day of summer, which was also World Giraffe Day, and ZooShare’s Annual General Meeting. We had a wonderful day: Some of our members brought their families for … Continue reading

Member Update: May 2014

Happy Birthday to us! On April 26th ZooShare turned 3! (And no, we did not make this cake.) We’ve accomplished so much in the last three years, we want to thank you for being here to celebrate with us. This … Continue reading

Member Update: April 2014

SPRING IS ALMOST HERE! (Thank goodness!) And just like the fresh buds of spring… We’re growing! This season we welcome our first Communications Coordinator, Frances Darwin (centre), and our new Investor Relations Coordinator, Nicholas Guthrie (right). These two will be … Continue reading

Member Update: January 2014

We hope that your new year has started off well and that you’re staying warm.  We’ve been hard at work networking with like-minded organizations and other co-operatives, making presentations to potential investors at numerous events, reaching out to members and … Continue reading

Member Update: December 2013

After launching our Community Bonds and our new website in October, we’ve been out at events promoting ZooShare and interacting with potential member/investors. It’s been incredible meeting with people and seeing their enthusiasm for biogas and what we’re doing at … Continue reading

Member Update: October 2013

<h3>ZooShare Launches its Community Bonds at the Zoo</h3> On Thursday October 10, ZooShare hosted our official public launch at the Toronto Zoo! Together with our members, distinguished guests from the Zoo and Bullfrog Power, and our adorable fuel suppliers, we … Continue reading

Member Update: September 2013

As the beautiful (short) summer comes to a close, we would like to give a friendly reminder that if you join ZooShare before September 1, your $100 membership fee can be applied to the first bond you purchase. This great … Continue reading

Member Update: August 2013

ZooShare receives FIT contract! The past 2-3 months have been incredible for ZooShare. Your co-op successfully reached three key milestones: 1. On July 3, we received word from the Ontario Power Authority that we were one of the lucky recipients … Continue reading

Member Update: May 2013

An Update from our Executive Director Hope you’re having a lovely start to the Spring! The year started off very well for us – after submitting our Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) application just before Christmas, we sold out the ZooShare Founders’ Club … Continue reading

Member Update: December 2012

F.I.T. Application Submitted!! We’re thrilled to announce that our application for the province’s renewable energy Feed-In Tariff program has been submitted to the Ontario Power Authority! A special thank you to Toronto property-owning members who endorsed ZooShare as a community-power … Continue reading

Member Update: November 2012

The Toronto Zoo Makes it Official ZooShare Biogas Co-operative Inc. is thrilled to announce that we have signed Lease and Operating Agreements with the Toronto Zoo to build and operate a biogas plant at the location of their current composting … Continue reading

Member Update: April 2012

We hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of spring and the great weather it has brought us. This is the perfect time of year to start putting away your winter stuff, start your gardens and visit the Toronto Zoo. FIT … Continue reading

Member Update: February 2012

We hope everyone is having an excellent start to the New Year! We have some new and exciting news that we would like the share with you. “This shit’s a hit!” – Inge Christensen, Creative Expeditions We are extremely proud … Continue reading

Member Update: October 2011

We’ve met many new faces and have received a lot of great feedback from everyone over the past few weeks, so we thought we’d update you on what ZooShare is doing these days. We’re impressed with the interest and support … Continue reading

Member Update: September 2011

ZooShare in the Media ZooShare has been lucky to receive a lot of positive media coverage over the last few weeks. Here’s some: Tyler Hamilton on Green Community Bonds ZooShare’s Executive Daniel Bida on CBC As it Happens (starts at … Continue reading