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Our Project

ZooShare is developing North America’s 1st zoo-based biogas plant. We will recycle manure from the Toronto Zoo and local food waste into renewable power for the Ontario grid. This process will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 10,000 tonnes of C02 each year, and will return valuable nutrients to the soil in the form of a high-quality fertilizer. Our project will be located across the street from the Toronto Zoo (click here to see our project site in Google Maps). To learn more about biogas and its benefits for the environment, click here.


Our Mission

The ZooShare mission is to be a catalyst, through education and investment, in the growth of community-owned biogas plants. We will grow the biogas industry across North America, and in doing so, teach others about the value of waste and the importance of conservation. Our business model also creates investment opportunities that keep energy dollars in the local economy. To learn about our educational initiatives, click here.


Our Community

Our project is funded by people like you: Our renewable energy co-operative is made up of 692 members who have invested over $4 million into the biogas project.

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