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Part of our mission is to increase public awareness of biogas and its benefits for the environment. We want YOU to understand the true value of waste! To learn more about biogas, click here. Scroll down to learn about our educational initiatives and to find additional resources.

Our educational initiatives are made possible by our Education Sponsor, Bullfrog Power.

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ZooShare Tours

In October 2021, ZooShare held its first series of onsite tours. Our guided tours provide a unique opportunity to learn more about our operation. Attendees spent the tour exploring the biogas plant, taking a first-hand look at the various steps involved in the creation of biogas, asking questions and learning from experienced ZooShare team members. We look forward to hosting more tours in the near future.


“Digest This!”

Digest This! is an in-class workshop delivered in partnership with Relay Education. If you’re interested in learning more about how to bring Digest This! to your school, please contact us.


Biogas, Energy and Food Systems

Watch ZooShare volunteer Jonathan Silver explain energy, food systems and how ZooShare’s biogas plant will work. We have also included a similar presentation on Slideshare if you would like to give a similar presentation yourself:

ZooShare “Poo to Power” Video Series (ages 3-7)

ZooShare took a trip to the Toronto Zoo with Aron, one of our member’s children, and interviewed some of the Zoo Keepers about a few of the animals and how their poo can be turned into power.

Other Online Resources

How To Build Your Own Biodigester (ages 12+)

In the video below, Thomas H. Culhane (an urban planning professor and a member of the National Geographic Emerging Explorer program) demonstrates that with just a few supplies from a hardware store, you can construct your own biogas generator. (Read the full article from Nation Swell)