ZooShare: North America's 1st Zoo-Biogas Plant

We have reached our goal of raising 2.2 million in Community Bonds!

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It's imperative that we give a sh*t! - Rita and Jeff Rayman, ZooShare members
ZooShare is a fine example of community power in action – raising local dollars to make a local impact through the development of a renewable energy project. - Bob Chiarelli, Ontario Minister of Energy
We are excited to be associated with North America’s first zoo-biogas project, which will further strengthen the Zoo’s role as a global leader in conservation and sustainability. - John Tracogna, CEO of the Toronto Zoo
I jumped at the chance to make ZooShare a reality as a way to demonstrate to our policy makers and communities how we can implement sustainable energy solutions. - Marisa Sterling, P. Eng
It gives me hope for the planet. It's a great green solution that we can stand behind. - Denice Wilkins and John Wilson

When manure and food waste end up in landfills, they create greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to climate change.


Local investment is helping to build our biogas plant, which will recycle Zoo poo and food waste into renewable power for the Ontario grid.

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Our investors will earn an annual return of 7% for 7 years, while reducing Greenhouse gases for over 20 years.

Now it’s your turn.


Poo. Power. Profits.

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